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As the elected sheriff, part of my strategic plan/goal is to establish a proactive law enforcement agency by reducing the active outstanding warrant count. Criminal acts are committed 24/7, and my Deputies will be actively executing arrest warrants to make Henry County the safest County in the Atlanta metro area.

  •  I will establish and leverage relationships between all law enforcement
    agencies within the county, including Henry County PD, Stockbridge
    PD, Hampton PD, Locust Grove PD, and McDonough PD.
  •  This will be accomplished by the creation of a Multi-Jurisdictional
    Taskforce, to proactively combat and reduce crime utilizing innovative
    ideas through crime analysis within the incorporated and
    unincorporated areas of Henry County.
  • We are “One” Henry County and shouldn’t be limited in our efforts by
    jurisdictional boundaries.
  • The Sheriff’s Office is a constitutional office, and I aim to assist and
    supplement policing efforts throughout Henry County.
  • The Jail has a staffing issue and is critically understaffed. So how do we
    resolve this problem and keep the county safe? The solution is the Proactive Recruitment of highly motivated Correctional Officers and Deputies who want to make an impact for positive change
    and reduce recidivism. This will boost morale and workplace confidence within the Jail and through the Sheriff’s Office. We have to find solutions to attract the best candidates to our agency.

Our children are the future, and we must stay proactive in their development and strive to continue providing mentorship and building rapport and trust. We must mold them to become contributing members of the criminal element that can influence the criminal element. We can accomplish this by implementing an SRO program and proactively engaging in the Sheriff system.

  • The Sheriff has an obligation but is morally bound to uphold and maintain a fiscally responsible budget. Frivolous spending is not acceptable, and a yearly audit is recommended.
  • The checkbook belongs to the peopleSheriffhe elected Sheriff.
  • As your Sheriff, I have an open-door policy and am directly available for all Citizen and Employee concerns.

    I humbly ask for your support and vote! We can show our solidarity in voices.

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